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Master theses options

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Some ideas for my master thesis could became from here:

Max Planck Institute for Software Systems – Distributed systems and operating systems
Max Planck Institure for Informatic – Programming logics department – Program analysis and verification group
Software engineering chair – Security group – Saarland Univeristy
Institute for computer architecture and parallel computing – Saarland University

but the most important thing now is obtain good grades in this subjects:

Computer architecture
Language based security
Automata, games and verification
Security and privacy on decentralized networks


Written by jalvarez

2006/10/19 at 21:05

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  1. Quiubo.
    Asumo que vos tenes acceso a ciertos recursos en la documentacion de las materias, en particular a: “Automata Logics, and Infinite Games: A Guide to Current Research”, sera que podes enviarme los pdf’s? jorgeecardona at gmail. y si tenes mas documentos de verificacion tambien.
    En que queda el B-Method en lo de verificacion que has visto?
    cual es tu correo?
    Suerte y Gracias.


    2006/10/21 at 03:27

  2. Maybe you know this by now, but here is some more info:
    -> Max Planck Institute for Software Systems only have groups for distributed systems and networks (not operating systems).
    -> Also Prof. Podelski is now gone to Freiburg. The Programming Logics group in the MPI is most likely going to be discontinued (there is hardly anyone left).
    -> Prof. Zeller has an offer from Karlsruhe University, so might leave after this semester. However Stefan Neuhaus does very interesting stuff, and he is surely interested in finding hackers to work with (ask Stefi, she works with him).


    2006/11/12 at 13:30

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