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Personalidad determinada geneticamente

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“Recent studies of young children lend strong support to the power of heredity.  Evidence demostrates that traits such as shyness, fear, and distress are most likely caused by inherited genetic characteristics.  This suggests that some personality traits may be built into the same genetic code that affect factors like our height and hair color.

Researchers have studied more than 100 sets of identical twins who were separated at birth and raised separately.  If heredity played little or no part in determining personality, you expecte to find few similarities between the separated twins.  But the researchers found a lot in common.  For almost every behavioral trait, a significant part of the variation among the twins turned out to be associated with genetic factors.  For instance, one set of twins who had been separated for 39 years and raised 45 miles apart were found to drive the same model and color car, chain-smoked the same brand of cigarette, owned dogs with the same name, and regularly vacation within three bloks of each other in the beach community 1500 miles away.  Researches have found that genetic accounts for about 50 percent of the personality differences and more than 30 percent of the variation in occupational and leisure interest”  Organizational Behavior, Robbibs

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2009/04/10 at 05:22

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