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Boy, you are in a hurry

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BB: What is it exactly what you do?
JD: I’m John Dillinger. I rob banks.
BB: Why did you tell me that? You could have made up a story.
JD: Well, I’m not gonna lie to you.
BB: That’s a serious thing to say to a girl you’ve just met.
JD: I know you.
BB: Well, I don’t know you. I haven’t been any place…
JD: Well, in some of the places I’ve been is hard. Where I’m going, a lot better. Wanna come along?
BB: Boy, you are in a hurry…
JD: If you were looking at what I’m looking you would be in a hurry too.
BB: It’s me they’re looking at this time.
JD: You’re beautiful!
BB: They’re looking at me because they’re not used to having a girl in their restaurant in a 3$ dress…
JD: Listen, doll… That’s ’cause they’re all about where people come from. The only thing important is where somebody’s going.
BB: Where are you going?
JD: Wherever I want!

Written by jalvarez

2009/09/07 at 13:14

Posted in Peliculas

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