"Aquello que termina o sirve de finalización a algo"


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These are some diagrams created by me during reading or working.

Subject Picture
Chess PNG
Criptography PNG
Wine PNG
Cobit PNG
Estado Colombiano JPG
Normas Colombia JPG
Arbol Genealogico (Superior) JPG
Arbol Genealogico (Lateral Alvarez) JPG
Vida JPG
Individuo JPG
Código Penal JPG
Código de Procedimiento Penal JPG
Instrumentos Financieros JPG
Niveles y Tendencias en los Precios del Mercado de Valores JPG

If you want to use some of theese models or diagrams, you should install CmapsTools, then access the repositories of Cmapers, and search for the folder named jalvarez. In this place you should, open, edit, and save as each conceptual map for your own convinience.

Written by jalvarez

2006/09/15 at 20:14

5 Responses

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  4. Podemos decir que uno de nuestros ancestros tiene un busto en el concejo del municipio. (referirse al arbol genealogico-superior-)


    2010/07/20 at 09:23

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